Examples of Campaign Successes

Below are some brief examples of recent case studies. More information can be made available upon request. 

Husqvarna Outdoor Products
Product Launches, Thought Leadership & Influencer Programs


Husqvarna wanted to lead the transition for commercial and consumer landscapers from gas-powered lawn and forestry equipment to robotics and battery-powered tools, which required demonstrating the professional power of battery products as well as the industry benefits and customer demand.​



Because there was a perception that battery products are not as powerful as gas-powered tools, an event was developed to enable targeted media (B2B and B2C) and select influencers to personally use the battery and robotics products. A case study from a commercial landscaper who had already transitioned his entire fleet to battery and robotics was presented.


Prior to the event, a survey of consumers and commercial landscapers and arborists across North America revealed consumers would pay more for landscapers who use battery products and other statistics demonstrated demand. 

The event was followed by strategic and ongoing media relations in targeted CLG trade, technology and green industry outlets as well as influencer and ambassador content, including a steady stream of social media content on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and SnapChat.​


​855 million media impressions and more than 20 million social media impressions, establishing the company as the category leader in battery and robotics.

Union Savings Bank

Consumer Outreach Through Email and Blog Marketing


Establish thought leadership and drive deposits for this progressive 23-branch Connecticut-based mutual bank while honoring USB’s 150-year history.



Create and promote content that shows target business customers how USB helps them compete and create a community-based approach to drive deposits.



  • Developed a business blog that quickly exceeded target unique visitor and time-spent goals – including a 21.8% open rate when distributed via newsletter. 

  • Secured thought leadership content in key financial service trade publications, including ABA Banking Journal and American Banker. 

  • Generated consistent regional and local coverage for key bank initiatives and community engagement as well as new-generation tools and services, such as geo-blocked credit cards and Future Track, USB's retirement planning bundle. 

  • More than four hundred million media mentions and an 11% increase in depositors.

Publicity Stunt to Drive Store Traffic


Arby’s wanted to create a buzz-worthy publicity stunt that would garner consumer and media attention while demonstrating the brand’s sense of humor. 



Because the budget was limited, the stunt needed to be cost-effective and  could be amplified via a photo or video.


The brand was still using the “I’m thinking Arby’s” tagline. So, three billboards in the metro Atlanta area were selected ted. Each one prominently featured a person’s face and were within two exits of an Arby’s with a sign visible from the highways. Large white balloons with the Arby’s logo were attached to the billboards via a cable fixed below the billboards during the evening drive-time.


This gave the impression the person on the billboard was “Thinking Arby’s.” I captured photos to share with the media. 


The entire campaign’s hard costs were $1,200.


More than eight million media impressions were secured including QSR, Fast Food Nation, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Business Week.


Three consumers on the road called into different local radio shows to discuss the ballon, resulting in one radio personality sharing his addiction to Jamocha Shakes for nearly a full minute. Even Ellen DeGeneres thought it was funny enough to show the photo on her talk show.


The targeted locations saw a 13% increase in store traffic during the time the stunt was happening. 


Influencer Launch of New Menu Items


McDonald’s wanted to drive sales of their Wholesome Choices menu in the  Atlanta region and demonstrate that their menu fits the changing eating habit of consumers who crave healthier options for themselves and their children. 



Partnered with with local fitness influencer Andrea Riggs to hold exclusive events at area stores, taking other influencers and media through quick and easy workouts while introducing them to the new healthier menu items. 



Fifty local bloggers attended six separate events with eight local print, broadcast and online media attending. 


More than one million media impressions were secured and 80 social media posts with 1,700+ engagements. 


The total program drove a 7% lift in awareness of the Wholesome Choices menu items and an 8% increase in regional sales over four weeks.